Get to know us!

Over the course of just a few years’ time, Anta has proven itself the ideal partner in shipping and crewing services for the large-scale inland shipping industry and in supervision of the outfitting phase of shipbuilding, a unique position in a niche market.

Anta’s course is crystal clear. Competent, reliable & loyal. Any shipping company choosing for Anta is sure of a high degree of commitment, flexibility and expert knowledge in a specialist field. Anta’s main mission: realising the very best results for both the shipping company and the crew alike. Both aboard and ashore.

Anta was founded in 2011 in Zwijndrecht with just a single goal: to fully unburden owners of large inland navigation ships – push-tug combinations. We take this mission very seriously. In the words of Anta founders Taeke & Angelique van Turenhout: 'Total management by Anta is more than just the recruitment and placement of competent and well-trained personnel. From maintenance programmes for the ship’s equipment to administration: Anta takes care of it all into great detail so that you don’t have to worry about anything’. And Anta passes with flying colours. The number of push-tug combinations sailing under Anta Scheepvaart’s and Anta Management’s wings is growing rapidly. In January 2018 Anta's very first own push-tug combination, Panerai, was launched.


Founder Taeke van Turenhout knows the inland shipping world like the back of his hand. Starting out as an ordinary seaman, at the age of 22 he already was in the captain’s seat.

Since 2003 push-tug combinations are his work area. It isn’t long before he decides to become an independent entrepreneur. When his employer Dari B.V. is looking to expand in 2011, Taeke is given the management over a push-tug combinations and later, in 2014, he is given management over a second one.

Anta closes a management deal with ship wharf BREKO. In 2014 their push-tug combination follows, after which Anta starts gaining real momentum. The company expands its set of activities and starts offering supervision services for the outfitting phase of shipbuilding projects. Other clients soon follow. Some five years after being founded Anta already is a renowned name for many shipping companies. Its clients can only think of a single partner when it comes to the total management of their ships: Anta.


Anta Scheepvaart and Anta Management are under the direction of founder Taeke van Turenhout. To keep up with the company’s growth, the team was strengthened with experts who speak the language of the inland navigation industry.

Captain Danny van der List is what you would call ‘real old-school’, he grew up in the private shipping industry. Since 2014 he is one of the bright beacons of Anta. Being Taeke’s right hand, Danny knows everything about outfitting, maintenance and repairs. His motto: 'Always strive to be the best kid in class'. Skipper Mario van Daatselaar is a well-known figure in the inland navigation industry. In 2014 he too boarded Anta. An ambitious personnel manager who makes sure everything aboard runs like clockwork. 'Full speed ahead' is Mario’s motto.